17.09.2022 – "BRATNICE" Exhibition by Luca Gaspard

„As my father’s son and grandson of my grandparents, Slovenia has always been part of my inculturation, an invisible part that I have now given shape to through my photographs on the trip to „Bratnice“. Bratnice is a small village near Ljubljana, the capital, where my family built a wooden hut about 35 years ago right near the birthplace of my grandfather. After my visits I added my own stories and pictures, and got to know Slovenia and its people from a new side. This also meant partially detaching myself from the ideas of my father and those of my grandparents. My own investigation into the role that status plays in both a post-socialist Slovenian reality and the capitalist Western system. How are my Slovenian and German roots compatible for me? Where does the pursuit for the relevant status symbols derive itself from? And are material ideas still so formative?“ 


Luca Gaspard

10.08.2022 – MA Presentation by martha pracht

The master’s thesis Eat to connect by the designer Marta A. Pracht examines various themes of food culture and translates them into a museum context. For this purpose, workshops were held with creative people from the design field. On the basis of the history of food culture, various process-related objects were created which, as interactive exhibits in the final exhibition, encouraged people to eat, drink and share together.


Martha Pracht

16.06.2022 – fermentation workshop by martha pracht

Topics such as the emergence of the meal community and its spatial elements, the transformation from collective to individual eating utensils and fermentation as a cultural practice were practically explored and deconstructed in workshops. 


Martha Pracht

28.05.2022 – urban undergrounds exhibition "red"

Urbanunderground is a cologne based music label. Their first exhibition RED was dedicated to show the work of Mexican artist who creates the coverwork for @urbnundrgrnds releases. The event was framed with music by their friends and artists and gave us an inside in their collaborative work. Thanks to everyone who participated!

26.01.2022 – the noplace story told in a book

In his latest book noplace co-founder Leonard von Brenndorff gives extensive insight into the story behind noplace. The book contains photographs, illustrations, graphics and various text contributions from different people working within the network. 

Apart from showcasing the cooperative work, the book also tells about the political mindset fueling noplace. 

14.12.2021 – screenprinting farewell t-shirts

The screenprinting workshop was barely set up yet instantly used for the first printing project. In two sessions, noplace hosted the production of large amounts of t-shirts to complement minha galeras farewell of the infamous „Halle Hürth“.

17.11.2021 – the noplace co_working desks

Based on the design classic of the Eiermann table frame, the noplace work table is made of square tubular steel and a multiplex board. The frame is foldable and is held in position by milled pockets from the tabletop.

The tables are produced in the community workshops of minha galera.

06.11.2021 – Chile Unfolded exhibition & talk

The exhibition „Chile Unfolded“ portrays one of the most diverse countries on earth and provides an outside view behind the scenes of a failed economic experiment. It includes the presentation of a photographic work of the same name that plays with the discrepancy between international imagination and experienced perception of the country. The exhibition is complemented by an illustrative analysis of a new topography of protest: the „Primera Línea“. 


Maximilian Beck 


Benjamin Bräuer 


Kjell Wistoff

24.10.2021 – remodeling the loft

The current noplace location was a former shared flat of members of the minha galera collective. Over a period of three months it was cleared, renovated and remodeled to fit the needs of noplace.