LAST CALL 12.11.2021

    YOUR CHANCE to join the first noplace location in cologne!

    Connecting young people to participate in transforming society

    welcoming new members:


    we enable people to pursue their individual creative projects by providing a professional  working environment and essential ressources. 


    working not only side by side, but together. we thrive to sustain a culture of natural collaboration, to benefit innovation and  quality of work. 


    we expand and share our creative network, maintain an online presentation of our work and provide spaces and organisation of exhibition events.


    first noplace location is a 200qm Loft in the center of cologne. It is structured to hold a workshop with integrated darkroom, a flexible conference room, as well as a music studio. A main room with up to 12 private desks and a kitchen area can also be transformed into a photo studio or exhibition gallery.


    the rooms are equipped to meet their purposes. Apart from cutting equipment and fine mechanic tools, studio lights and canvas, we provide and maintain the tools to do screen printing on textile and paper, analog photo processing and professional scanning.


    noplace emerged of minha galera collective. That is why we specialize in organizing and motivating groups of people for daily work as well as on the basis of events. We thrive to learn and benefit from each members unique skillset, while constantly questioning our methods and privileges.